Model Details

Toyota Yaris SR

  • Brand: Toyota
  • Body Type: Hatchback
If you are not anticipating a sporty car from the SR, this model is a sound offering. Even the larger 1.8-litre SR is more suited to the mature, sophisticated customer than the younger male. It has a package of solid, reliable performance, enhanced levels of safety and comfort, and attractive styling inside and out.


Factors such as good fuel economy and high security levels traditionally make the Yaris a very cheap car to run and maintain, although the SR is the first Toyota to feature the 1.8-litre dual VVT-I engine. With the Yaris range as a whole, servicing times have been reduced over the old model, and longer-life components have reduced the cost of maintenance.

Space and practicality

The SR’s shape is designed to give maximum interior space for the size of the vehicle, and it does this to good effect - particularly in the front where there is ample head and legroom. The flexible rear seats and fold-flat boot system optimise rear passenger and load space. There are plenty of well positioned and useful storage cubbies, including the passenger’s double glove box found in other Yaris models and cubbies built into the sides of the centre console.

Controls and display

The central digital display in the Yaris is informative, and its positioning makes it easy to read while maintaining forward vision. The soft orange illumination is a great improvement on the green backlight found in other Yaris models. The centre console has a set of circular controls and displays that are well designed, making them easy to use and attractive.


The Yaris SR provides an equal mix of good ride quality and handling, which results in a good standard of comfort all round. Most road imperfections are dispatched with ease and while roll is not a problem, on winding roads the traction control system can be a little hasty to act. Road noise and wind noise are well suppressed, contributing to comfort levels, although the 1.8-litre petrol and 1.4 diesel engines are relatively noisy for their modern design.

Car security

The Yaris SR is equipped with a number of safety devices, such as transponder engine immobiliser and security window etching. Remote control central double locking enables the driver’s door to be unlocked separately to all other entrances.

Car safety

The SR 1.8 incorporates all of the high safety standards of the existing Yaris range, which has been fitted with some features that are uncommon in this class. The SR is fitted with nine airbags as standard, including a driver’s knee airbag. As well as ABS and Electronic Brakeforce Distribution and Brake Assist, the SR 1.8 additionally benefits from Traction Control and Vehicle Stability Control.

Driver appeal

The SR offers smoothness and comfort, thanks to its refined drivetrain. Manual models offer smooth gearchange and are preferable to the multi-mode transmission, which suffers from pauses between gear changes. That said, even the 1.8-litre SR lacks power, and very low gearing means it suffers from the lack of a sixth gear.

Family car appeal

With good interior space and a flexible load area, the Yaris SR would make an excellent family car or second car. The adjustable rear seats are very useful for accommodating various combinations of passengers and luggage.

First car appeal

The Yaris SR would make a good first car given its easy driving style, practicality, low running costs and reliability. However, the initial purchase price could well prove an issue for many first time car buyers.

Quality and image

The central instrument display is more of a cost saving device than an ergonomic advantage, and some of the plastics appear flimsy and cheap. In terms of image the Yaris SR comes across as a smart and modern supermini, though it still can’t match the style of some of its rivals.


A high roofline and large doors makes gaining access to the SR easy. In addition, the SR sits 8mm lower than other Yaris models, and the tilted interior door handle is a useful aid for less mobile passengers when exiting the vehicle.

Stereo and ICE In car entertainment

A six-speaker CD/tuner with MP3 and Windows Media Audio compatibility is fitted as standard on Yaris SR models. The sound quality is good, while controls mounted on the steering wheel column are also a useful addition.

Colours and trim

Comfortable sports seats welcome both driver and passenger, while a leather-covered steering wheel and gearshift, and aluminium-looking centre console finish completing the sporting look. Overall the interior trim looks refined with complimentary dark and neutral colours and materials. As ever there is the odd exception, such as inexpensive plastics, in places.


The SR has a turning radius of 5.6 metres and benefits from light, responsive controls, making parking a simple affair. The near-vertical rear hatch gives improved visibility; a help when judging the extremities of the unconventionally-shaped Yaris.

Spare wheel

A standard spare wheel is mounted under the boot floor.

Range information

Engine options - 1.0-litre petrol 67bhp; 1.3-litre petrol 86bhp; 1.8-litre petrol 123bhp; 1.4-litre diesel 89bhp. All fitted with five-speed manual transmission, multi-mode automatic transmission available on 1.3-litre petrol and 1.4-litre diesel. Trim levels are T2, T3, T Spirit available with all engine options plus SR for the 1.8 petrol.