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Mercedes-Benz AMG GT

  • Brand: Mercedes Benz
  • Body Type: Convertible
The Mercedes-AMG GT has been through quite a transformation since its debut in 2016. Initially revealed as an R8-rivalling junior supercar with more than a bit of the previous SLS’s charisma, it’s since made headlines by breaking Nurburgring lap times and placing runner-up at our 2019 Car of the Year test respectively in its hardcore Black Series and GT R Pro forms.

But below these headline-grabbing flagships, the lesser GT has continued down its own path of subtle tweaks and updates to keep in touch with its junior supercar rivals. As of 2021 the range has been consolidated to an entry-level GT in Coupe and Roadster forms, a GT C Roadster, the GT R Coupe and the range-topping Black Series Coupe. 

Base prices have gone up across the board, but to compensate the ‘base’ GT has seen a power and equipment boost. While the GT may lack the range or powertrain variety of some rivals, its front-mid engined layout and hot-rod proportions keep it as a distinctive and desirable addition to the sub-supercar class.

Mercedes-AMG GT: in detail

  • Engine, gearbox and technical highlights >The dry-sumped version of AMG’s superb V8 dominates the whole experience; the dual-clutch gearbox keeps improving too

  • Performance and 0-60 time >All GTs are rear-wheel drive only, so dry, warm tarmac will be needed to match the impressive on-paper stats

  • Ride and handling >Adjustable, interactive and satisfying, if not quite as delicate as some rivals

  • MPG and running costs >AMG’s engine has proven to be solid over the years, but running costs will be higher than a comparable 911

  • Interior and tech > Can feel cramped, and tech is a generation or two behind newer Merc models, but is full of drama  

  • Design >The GT’s design has become fussier with age, but the cab-rear shape and long bonnet still make it a distinctive change to the supercar norm

AMG GT 522 S Premium 2dr Auto 2018

$97,136.26 $95,231.63

Body Type: Coupe
Model: Mercedes-Benz AMG GT


  • 2018
  • Mercedes Benz