Model Details

Alfa Romeo 4C Spider

  • Brand: Alfa Romeo
  • Body Type: Convertible
The Alfa Romeo 4C had a tough introduction to market, it must be said. Heralded as a return of the small, lightweight and relatively affordable sports car, with stunning supercar-in-minature styling underpinned by a carbonfibre-tub chassis and clever power train it was everything the enthusiast wanted.

It went so far as to be compared to the Lotus Elise, with assistance-free steering and a sub-1000kg kerb weight, but oh how it went so incredibly wrong. 

The original 4C coupe, despite all the right ingredients, was so poorly executed that it couldn’t hope but be ripped to pieces by both the motoring media and prospective buyers alike. The Spider was Alfa’s rebuttal, a heavily revised update that not only partially removed the roof, but also fix the issues many felt made the coupe so disappointing.

Alfa Romeo 4C Spider: in detail

  • Performance and 0-60 time > Open roof does little to trim the 4C Coupe’s brisk performance, though the hot-hatch exhaust note is at odds with the styling. 

  • Engine and gearbox > Giulietta QV four-pot is retuned for its mid-engined application, features a fruity exhaust and a dual-clutch ’box. 

  • Ride and handling > Revised settings benefit the Spider’s fluidity, but still shares many of the 4C Coupe’s foibles. 

  • Prices, specs and rivals > A price tag £8000 more than the Coupe raises the 4C into Exige S Roadster and Boxster Spyder territory. 

  • Interior and tech > Simple cabin, but vibrant trim shades and removable roof do improve the ambience. 

  • Design > Simple changes, including rear buttresses and less bug-eyed headlamps, make the 4C even more visually appealing. 

Prices, specs and rivals

The Alfa Romeo 4C Spider starts at £59,500 on the road, which is £8000 more than the coupe. The difference can be accounted for not only in the Spider’s roof arrangement but also the subtle visual changes and the extra equipment inside. Mechanically though it’s identical to the coupe, retaining the turbocharged, 1742cc four-cylinder with its 237bhp and 258lb ft power and torque outputs and six-speed dual-clutch transmission.