Model Details

Abarth 124 Spider

  • Brand: Abarth
  • Body Type: Convertible
Developed as a performance version of the Fiat 124, the Abarth 124 brought more stamina and race-inspired elements to the Japanese-Italian roadster.

As Fiat’s motorsports department, Abarth improved the Fiat 124 so that the car could please enthusiasts willing to drive a cheap, affordable, daily-driver open-top vehicle. So, despite the small engine under the hood, the scorpion team created an even better, faster car. In addition, it took care of aesthetics too.

The Italian specialist created a new front bumper design with unique air-intakes in the middle flanked by a pair of scoops on the sides. These were studied in the wind tunnel together with the diffuser in the rear bumper, so it could create a better aerodynamic. Just like its Fiat sibling, the Abarth 124 featured LED daytime running lights mounted inside the headlamps. The red and black colors dominated the car’s front fascia, while the windshield’s rim was finished in Forgiato Grey. The little roadster’s profile revealed its balanced proportions and the Abarth-specific 17 light-alloy wheels.

Both 124 and Miata shared similar interiors, so Abarth didn’t have too much room for improvement. Still, it did its job by applying Alcantara trims on the dashboard and center armrest. In addition, a unique, leather-wrapped, three-spoke steering wheel was fitted. Moreover, the high-bolstered seats were leather-clad, with contrast stitching.

But Abarth’s most essential challenge was to improve the car’s dynamic. So apart from tuning the engine to provide more power than the Fiat version, it worked on the suspension. It also fitted a standard self-locking differential, so those who were enjoying drifts could do that better. After all, it was a Miata chassis underneath.