About Us

About Gyande Exports

Gyande Exports is a professional licensed auto broker and vehicle-exporting company serving customers around the world.

A better way to buy a car

We are your reliable partners who offers the full service in car buying from the USA. We offer help in searching, bidding, purchasing, domestic and international transportation, and also assist in clearance documents.


We arrange transportation of each vehicle from its point of origin to the port of export. We handle all logistics in house, not through a transport broker. This allows us to move vehicles quicker and with less risk of delays and damage.

Get The Best Deal

We are dedicated to providing our customers with the best service and the most cost effective new and used automobiles possible.

Trusted Brands

We parade an array of well-trusted car brands that will give you a wonderful driving experience

Car Shipping Service To Overseas

Our access to a huge inventory of vehicles from all over the USA enables us to provide the lowest prices, biggest selection, and quickest delivery anywhere. We export new and pre-owned vehicles.